There's Something About Auntie Mary

Jeff Rollon (Real Estate Developer)


"Mary Hang is someone you can always count on to give 100% effort into everything she does. She is a true professional with a servant leadership heart. You can always count on Mary to tell you what you need to hear that will take your business and life to the next level!"

Logan Rena (Professional Speaker & Wholeness Coach)


"Mary has the most sincere and warming presence that I have ever experienced. Her level of care is matchless and I'm so grateful that I have been able to work with her."

Jonathan Anderson (Real Estate Agent)


"Mary is someone who instantly lights up a room with her energy, compassion, and interest in serving others before herself.  I have never met anyone that has a stronger desire to serve and also has the work ethic to follow through with what she says she is going to do.  I would recommend anyone to trust Mary to help them take their business, themselves, and their dreams to a whole different level."

Vanna Chamm (Boo Vanna Foundation, President)


"Mary is the epitome of our modern day saint. Her love, commitment, and compassion to humanity is beyond measurable of any scientific apparatus."

Yoichi Kato (Chef Yummz Premier Chef)


"Talking to Auntie Mary is like talking to Dr. Phil or Mabel "Madea" Simmons (Tyler Perry) but better. She is very compassionate and always willing to help anyone in need of help. Mary can detect when you are down and having problems. As soon as you speak to Mary all the fog in your head disappears and you will gain a crystal clear vision of what you need to do."

Denise Davis (Growing with Grace Family Daycare Provider)


"Mary is a treasured friend. She's a great listener and tells it like it is. Priceless! I love that she's the life of the party and a master networker. We can enter a room and within a short time Mary knows everybody's names and probably has all their numbers. LOL! I love her positive energy!"

Darryl K. Horton (Motivational Speaker & Certified Training Specialist in Restaurants & Diversity)


"There are few people you meet and know you will be friends forever. When I met Mary we didn't know much about one another, and I've rarely met another person with a bigger heart. Mary wants to see everyone be their best person. She is truly an angel."

Rob Gordon (Program Manager Action Associates Business Cooperative)


"Mary Hang is a community minded entrepreneur and a high energy super-networker.  At the business events she hosts, everyone is always made to feel welcome and included. I have seen her single handedly get 200 professionals who didn't know each other introduced and exchanging business information. She is quick to grasp the essential elements of any opportunity or situation and has great business instincts. A really good person to have on your team."

Becky Weeks (San Diego Coordinator for Youth Environmental Alliance)


“Mary has shown unbelievable passion in connecting the people she knows with the people that can help them achieve their dreams. She knows that everyone deserves to be successful and that there are so many pathways to that success. She is dedicated to helping everyone find their own path. Having Mary on your side is a constant source of positive input and accomplishment.”

James Nelson (Front Office Solutions, Chain Breaker Sales Manager)


"Mary Hang truly earned her nickname, "Auntie Mary." Her work with the Y.E.S. Program has impacted high schoolers all over Southern California. The principles she teaches her students empowers them to be even higher achievers and prepares them to be successful young adults. If you want your students to be impacted in a positive way, you must have Auntie Mary at your school!"

Darian Chem (Fit Monkey Calisthenics, CoFounder)


"If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track, Auntie Mary is the one. Working with Aunty Mary has helped me make a complete 360 turnaround in my life. She is someone I can reach out to anytime of the day."

Leo Brandao (, Founder)


"Mary is my go-to 'Auntie' for any life, business, or relationship advice. Mary keeps me on track with her straight forward, yet honest and loving input. Auntie Mary has been my compass when my ship has lost its' course."

Marian Geiser (XOXO Photography, Founder)


"Mary Hang is an amazing individual in business and with children. When seeing her around children you can see she cares and feeds the children with useful knowledge that a child could comprehend at all ages. I have photographed at the YES Program during their startup. They put in the time and effort to educate."

Alan Leung (Manager)


"Mary is amazing. She gets results, period! She is a straight shooter and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. If you want results, she's your gal!"

Megan Hansen (Writer / Instructional Designer)


"Mary has boundless energy and enthusiasm that helps entrepreneurs such as myself work through ideas and see the value in going after what we want. She's a great listener, asks the tough questions to help propel the conversation, and makes you think about, not only how to make your ideas better, but the world a better place. She's quickly become a friend and confidant."

Dominic Cruz (Cruz'N Social Media, Founder)


"Mary has been, what I call, a 'Life saver.' She not only gave me new life in my business, but she has given me clarity and new direction. I am super honored to work with her on her non-profit, Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES). It's super awesome to give back to the young kids in high schools and I wouldn't have done that without Mary. Thank you so much, Mary! You are somebody to me!"

Anne Barerra (Lifestyle Photographer & MomPreneur)


"Mary is someone everyone needs in their life. The passion of helping others is in her eyes and her actions show it. She is very uplifting, motivational, and inspiring. If there is a time for a kick in the butt or shift into the right gear, Mary is the one who can provide that."

Rommel Cabal (Project Evo, Executive Producer / Young Entrepreneur Society, Vice President)


"Mary's charisma lights up any room. She has the ability to empathize and walk you through the process of solving any of your problems. I'd highly recommend working with her."

Evan Dolezal (RAW Marketing SD, CEO)


"Mary Hang is a ball of energy and full of passion. Her authentic passion for helping others is evident in every interaction. She instantly makes you feel comfortable and appreciated, and intentionally remembers details about you, showing genuine interest in your life and growth."

Jennifer Meim (Creative Director)


"You know when someone loves and is passionate about what they do when you see their eyes light up! That is what I experience every time Mary speaks about her students through the YES Program. I love it when Mary shares their stories and how they are progressing. I'm so happy and proud that someone like Mary can be there for these young adults. With her being a serial entrepreneur, she has so much to share that the students can benefit from. Mary is always going to be my 'Auntie Mary,' as well!"

Steven Ramirez (Writer)


"Mary Hang's enthusiasm is highly infectious, regardless of who you are. Her ambition is contagious. She is truly a blessing, and gives life a new meaning to everyone she meets."

Arturo Antunez (OCD Auto Detailng, Founder)


"Mary is a very upbeat and positive person. She has very good communication skills and has helped me improve many ways in life and in business."

Tamara Linnan (Author/KeyNote Speaker/Non-Profit Warrior)


"Mary has a way of making everyone feel welcome. Being a humble person, I never hear her talk about herself. She genuinely wants to know how she can help every person she comes in contact with, whether you're a first time entrepreneur or an old hat at it. Mary goes out of her way to help you build solid relationships in the community."

Kaitlyn Jeann (TeenPreneur)


"Mary takes me seriously as a Teen Influencer. She worked with myself and my older sister on how to relationship build, get out and hustle. She has helped me understand that, even at the age of 16, I have something of value to teach others, even adults! We call her "Auntie Mary" because she truly cares about helping kids beat the odds of being dismissed by adult entrepreneurs & knowing that each and every person has a story to share that can inspire others no matter what age."

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