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What is YES?

YES stand for Young Entrepreneur Society. We are a California Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) that serves high schools on a weekly basis. Every week our team of volunteers hosts school clubs during lunch to bring students FREE lunch. We empower them by letting them now we get that college isn't for everyone but instead of going off into adult like without any life skills we bring in the basics. We focus on personal development, mindset, team building, budgeting, leadership, critical thinking, communication, sense of community, etc. We give hope and vision for these students and their future. 

Ultimately, we believe that YES can provide guidance and mentorship for the youth by helping them to find their purpose and vision.

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Y.E.S. Success Stories


Leandro Brandao

Leandro is a ‘Teenpreneur’ whose passion is saltwater aquariums; which have helped him through many tough times. Leandro started an aquarium cleaning service in San Diego called, Reefalicious, as well as co-founded a clothing brand for entrepreneurs called “Enspired.” Leandro pioneered the Young Entrepreneur Society (YES) Club at his school. With starting YES at his school, Leandro learned how to be a right leader, as well as helping him pursue his multiple passions. Leandro is now a YES director at numerous schools where he gives back to fellow students like him who have the burning desire to start their own business and pursue their passions successfully. He aspires to be the person he wished he had when he was younger. With being a knowledge sponge, Leandro invested in San Diego's #1 coaching and mastermind group, Stegela Success Mastery, which has provided him direction and a clear vision for his future. Because of Stegela and YES, he is now an Editor in San Diego’s only print Entrepreneur Magazine, Life By Design, and has written three books with a fourth being released in the Fall of 2018. His newest book is about how to get more zen and tranquility in your life, using aquariums.


Darian Chem

Darian aka "Chem" made a decision to move to San Diego California in 2017.  Inspired to become an entrepreneur, during his senior year of high school, he ran into a club called YES Young Entrepreneur Society. With YES in his school, Darian quickly became a Leader and earned his way to become president of the club along with working behind the scenes with several other schools. Not only did he became president, YES also opened his mind to Launching a podcast, becoming a published author, and peeked his intrest in becoming a public speaker . With that being said, Darian new there was more to life. He quickly invested into San Diego's #1 coaching and Mastermind Group Stegela Success Mastery, which allowed him to launch his own health and fitness business Fit Monkey. Thanks to YES and Stegela, Darian is on his way to become the person he never imagine he would be.

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Together We Can Make a Difference

With a donation of as little as $10, your donations help towards the operation costs of getting the "Letters to Me" series published, printed, and distributed throughout the high schools and directly in the hands of the students.

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